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com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.status.daterange Contains the acceptance tests responsible of verifying that a user is able to query all the issues that were in a particular status in a set date range. 

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql
 class TestAdvancedSimple
          Test switching from the advanced JQL view to the basic editing view
 class TestAllTextClause
          Tests the "text" clause in JQL, which searches across all system text fields and custom free text fields that the user can see.
 class TestCurrentUser
 class TestCustomFieldAliases
 class TestCustomFieldDoesItFitMultiple
 class TestCustomFieldDoesItFitSingle
          Testing for "fitness" in the filter form of singular custom field clauses.
 class TestCustomFieldLiterals
          Tests the interpretations of different literals (operands) for each custom field clause.
 class TestEmptyNotEmptyLiterals
          Tests using the EMPTY and NOT EMPTY literals.
 class TestInvalidSearchFilterSearchRequestView
          A test that verifies that a SearchRequestView (e.g.
 class TestIssueNavigatorCommentsRSSView
          Test of the Search Request View for Comments and using JQL.
 class TestIssueNavigatorContextSwitching
          Tests around selecting a context in the filter form, which enables you to select specific searcher values, and then changing the context.
 class TestIssueNavigatorLoadFilter
 class TestIssueNavigatorUrlParameter
          Func Test to verify the behaviour of the Issue Navigator when using URL Parameter and the Issue Navigator was previously in Simple or Advanced edit mode.
 class TestJqlIssueSecurityLevel
 class TestJqlQueryTextBox
          Test related to the Jql query history in the Issue Navigator advanced screen.
 class TestJqlQuickSearch
 class TestJqlSearchWithTimeZones
 class TestJqlSystemFunctions
          Test for JQL included JQL system functions.
 class TestJqlVoterAndWatcherFields
 class TestNavigatorViewsOrdering
 class TestNestedSavedFilters
          Test for saved filters that reference other saved filters.
 class TestQueriesInDocumentation
          Queries mentioned in our documentation on
 class TestRandomQueries
          A collection of random, crazy JQL queries that don't fit in anywhere else.
 class TestRelativeDates
          Test realated to relative Date formats.
 class TestSanitiseSearchFilter
          Jql func test to verify issue keys and project names get sanitized.
 class TestSearchConstrainedByConfiguration
          Tests if JQL searches do not bring back data when fields have been hidden or custom fields have been moved out of configuration.
 class TestSingleProject
 class TestSorting
 class TestSystemFieldDoesItFitMultiple
          Testing for "fitness" in the filter form of multiple system field clauses.
 class TestSystemFieldDoesItFitSingle
          Testing for "fitness" in the filter form of singular system field clauses.
 class TestSystemFieldDoesItFitSingleManipulateData
 class TestSystemFieldLiterals
          Tests the interpretations of different literals (operands) for each system field clause.
 class TestUserNameSearching
 class TestUserQueriesCaseInsensitive
          This test class test for User queries being case insensitive.
 class TestValidationDoesItFit
          JQL Func Test to ensure the IssueNavigator's behaviour when currently in Simple Mode and calling the IssueNavigator via URL and the value for a field is invalid and requires to display a validation error message.

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory
 class AbstractChangeHistoryFuncTest

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.assignee

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.assignee
 class TestAssigneeWasSearching

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.changed

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.changed
 class TestChangedSearching

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.fixversion

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.fixversion
 class TestFixVersionWasSearching

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.priority

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.priority
 class TestPriorityWasSearching

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.reporter

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.reporter
 class TestReporterWasSearching

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.status

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.status
 class TestSearchChangesInStatus
          Responsible for verifying that a user is able to query all issues that have been in a specific status.
 class TestSearchChangesInStatusByASpecificUser
          Responsible for verifying that a user is able to query all issues that had status changes made by a specific user.

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in
 class TestSearchIssueStatusOnADate
          Responsible for verifying that a user is able to query all the issues that were in a particular status on an specified date.

Uses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.status.daterange

Subclasses of AbstractJqlFuncTest in com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql.changehistory.status.daterange
 class TestSearchIssueStatusAfterADate
          Responsible for verifying that a user is able to query all the issues that were in a particular status after a date.
 class TestSearchIssueStatusBeforeADate
          Responsible for verifying that a user is able to query all the issues that were in a particular status bafore a date.
 class TestSearchIssueStatusDuringADateRange
          Responsible for verifying that a user is able to query all the issues that were in a particular status before a date.

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