Package com.atlassian.jira.webtests

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractAtlassianWebTestCase This super class provides extensions to JWebUnit useful in acceptance tests.
AbstractSubscriptionEmailTest An abstract class for tests that check the integrity of subscription e-mails.
AbstractSubscriptionEmailTest.CountingIterator Iterator that can be used to return a sequence of numbers.
AbstractSubscriptionEmailTest.FilterConfig Holds the configuration for a filter that can be used to create a subscription.
AbstractTestIssueNavigatorView.Item Just a helper bean to keep the data encapsulated for each item
AbstractTestWorkflowNameEditing Common test cases for professional and enterprise JIRA testing editing workflow names
AcceptanceTestHarness This is the top level Test Suite for JIRA web functional tests.
CategorisingTestSuite Test suite that runs given set of tests based on provided test package name property and included and excluded categories.
EmailFuncTestCase This class extends FuncTestCase by adding methods to test emails being sent from JIRA.
Groups Group names for func tests.
JIRAGreenMailSetup A convinience holder for an array of JIRAServerSetup to increment each setup's port by 1 when needed.
JIRAServerSetup Extends ServerSetup so that the port can be incremented/changed.
JIRAWebTest Deprecated. This is a legacy class that evolved as a result of a 'stuff every util into the base class' approach.
LicenseKeys This containms all the known license keys for testing.
LicenseKeys.License For testing purpose you can use this MAINTENANCE EXPIRED COMMERCIAL LICENSE However you cant put it in a func test because JIRA will lock up with a Johnson Event! AAABNA0ODAoPeNpVkE9vgzAMxe/5FJF2pqKM/lmlSCuQA1uhFUWdJu3ipV6bCQJKAlq//SgUdZN9s 9/7PfshqRRdNyf6OKWet5r5K39Jwyinnus+kQiN0LK2slLsJc7WlCuLutbS4MeKhlVZohYSCrpH3 aImoUa4LkdgkV0dnGtPSVgpC8KmUCI7IKqGBmfQXZFvqWGykQKVQX6UPYmnOc92Wbzno5AnIAvWf g6iZ7AFGCNBTURVEt5C0fRY9gWFwX+e+aXGHhtuk4RnYbzeDPPOVbbIrG6QdO7dXQqUQP5TS335k 3/peC7Z6hMoaQZIjsbSfg+P9IYhe56yqTtfzHyfDM+IIxbk6dw5uO+58xbywAleZztyE3TTTRyNi vEBd3ijCllKi0eya7Q4g8Ex0+KW6RcTBpI3MCwCFEo+rTahLjs5IQIjIS2OGtr65XncAhRIqzT82 vXSzz/u9sheljEfB4G2JQ==X02ff
Permissions Mirrors JIRA's class (necessary as func tests do not depend on JIRA)
WebTestCaseWrapper This class pretty much wraps the WebTestCase to dump out the response whenever the WebTestFails.
WebTesterFactory Used for creating web testers

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