Package com.atlassian.jira.util

Interface Summary
ClockAware Marks classes that perform time computations and are using Clocks.
Closeable A Closeable is a source or destination of data that can be closed.
Consumer<T> Consume the object a Supplier produces.
Function<D,R> A Function that resolves Descriptors (of type D) to a Resource (of type R).
Predicate<T> Deprecated. use Guava predicates and functions
Resolver<I,O> A interface to resolve some input object into an output object.
Supplier<T> A Supplier of objects of a single type.

Class Summary
Clocks Utilities for clocks.
CompositeClock Composite clock that returns answer from one of the clocks it builds upon, depending on the number of times it was called already.
ConstantClock Simple clock that returns a constant value given during construction.
Functions Useful standard functions.
PeriodicClock A Clock implementation that periodically increments the returned value.
Predicates Deprecated. use Guava predicates and functions
Predicates.FalsePredicate<T> A predicate that always returns false.
Predicates.TruePredicate<T> A predicate that always returns true.
RealClock A clock implementation the returns the current time.
StrictMockClock A mock Clock that will return predefined dates and will throws exception, if called more times than the number of predefined values.

Annotation Types Summary
NotNull The annotated field, method result, parameter or local variable must not be null.

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