Package com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework.navigation

Interface Summary
BulkChangeWizard Interface for working with the Bulk Change Wizard which is part of the Issue Navigator.
FilterNavigation Navigate filter functionality.
IssueNavigation Navigate issue functionality
IssueNavigatorNavigation Navigate issueNavigator functionality

Class Summary
AbstractBulkChangeWizard Abstract implementation of the BulkChangeWizard.
BulkChangeWizardImpl Implementation of the Bulk Change Wizard for Functional Tests.
IssueNavigationImpl Navigate Issue functionality
IssueNavigatorNavigationImpl Navigate Issue Navigation functionality.
ManageFiltersNavigation The FilterNavigation representing the ManageFilters views, this implementation should be complete and definitive of the full functionality of the view.

Enum Summary
BulkChangeWizard.BulkOperations Various operations available in the bulk change wizard.
BulkChangeWizard.InputTypes Types of inputs for the editing controls in a Bulk Change Wizard form
BulkChangeWizard.WizardState States that the wizard can be in.
IssueNavigatorNavigation.BulkChangeOption Options for performing a bulk change on the current search results.
IssueNavigatorNavigation.NavigatorEditMode The edit mode for the navigator.
IssueNavigatorNavigation.NavigatorMode The modes that navigator may be in.

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