Interface ParameterConverter

All Known Implementing Classes:
BooleanArrayConverter, BooleanConverter, ByteArrayConverter, ByteConverter, CharacterArrayConverter, CharacterConverter, DoubleArrayConverter, DoubleConverter, FloatArrayConverter, FloatConverter, IntegerArrayConverter, IntegerConverter, LongArrayConverter, LongConverter, ShortArrayConverter, ShortConverter

public interface ParameterConverter

This is called to convert a value from String[] format into the specific type. If it cant convert the value it should throw an IllegalArgumentException.

When dealing with Numbers and their primitive types, its imperative to differentiate between conversions on empty strings. Empty string be converted to a null 'Long' but not to a 'long'.

Introduced / changed as part of JRA-15664


Method Summary
 Object convertParameter(String[] parameterValues, Class paramType)
          This is called to perform the conversion.

Method Detail


Object convertParameter(String[] parameterValues,
                        Class paramType)
                        throws IllegalArgumentException
This is called to perform the conversion. The parameterValues will always be a String[] of length 1 or more. It can never be null.

parameterValues - a String[] that is never null and at least length 1 or more.
paramType - the type of the target object
a converted object of the right type
IllegalArgumentException - if the value cant be converted

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