Package com.atlassian.jira.web.servlet

Class Summary
AbstractAvatarServlet Abstract servlet to serve avatar images
AttachmentZipServlet This servlet can BUNDLE up all the attachments of a in issue into 1 ZIP file OR it can unzip a specific entry of a named attachment
BufferingRequestDispatcher Dispatches requests, buffering the contents of the response and returning it as a String.
FileServerServlet This is used to serve up download references in JIRA plugins.
HttpResponseHeaders Utility methods for setting headers on the HTTP response.
MimeSniffingKit This class can sniff a file according to the current JIRA settings and determine jow an atatchment should be handled
SearchRequestViewServlet This servlet is responsible for setting up the VelocityContext used in the searchrequest views (i.e.: Printable, XML, etc).
VelocityDecoratorServlet Servlet that renders velocity decorators.
ViewProjectAvatarServlet Serves avatar images for projects.
ViewTemporaryAvatarServlet Streams out an avatar image that has just been uploaded so that cropping/scaling operations can be performed.
ViewUserAvatarServlet Serves avatar images for users.

Exception Summary

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