Package com.atlassian.jira.web.action.util

Interface Summary
CalendarLanguageUtil Interface which defines the util that tells us if the calendar has a translation for the provided language.
FieldsResourceIncluder Used to include all the resources that may be necessary to view/edit a field.
ImportResultHandler A generic handler to deal with larger problems during a data import.
PopularIssueTypesUtil A utility interface to help determine which issue types are being created most often for a project/user context.

Class Summary
CalendarLanguageUtilImpl Default implementation that reads mappings from file.
CalendarResourceIncluder This class exists to get around problems with calling out to other methods in velocity.
DefaultImportResultHandler An error handler to be used both by SetupImport and ImportAll for some consistent error handling.
DiffViewRenderer A utility class to render a view of a diff between two strings.
ExternalImport Dummy action to allow the WebSudoRequired annotation
FieldsResourceIncluderImpl Default implementation of FieldsResourceIncluder.
ImportResult Needed to cleanup the webwork ActionContext to avoid it from throwing thread corrupted errors.
JiraCreditsPage Displays the JIRA credits page
PopularIssueTypesUtilImpl Default implementation of PopularIssueTypesUtil
PortalPageDisplayBean Utility class for displaying a PortalPage.
SearchRequestDisplayBean Utility class for displaying a search request.
ShowConstantsHelp Used to Show the local instances Contants (Issue types, priorities etc)
ViewKeyboardShortcuts Displays a help screen showing all the available keyboard shortcuts and descriptions telling users what a particular shortcut will do.

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