Package com.atlassian.jira.upgrade.tasks

Class Summary
AbstractFieldScreenUpgradeTask Copyright (c) 2002-2004 All rights reserved.
AbstractNotificationSchemeUpgradeTask This upgrade task adds new scheme entities to the eventIdDestination of all notification schemes in JIRA.
UpgradeTask_Build151 Adds "common.forms.create" meta attribute to initial action of workflows, so that we can rely on its presence in CreateIssue.getSubmitButtonName() .
UpgradeTask_Build175 This will create default role data for JIRA.
UpgradeTask_Build176 Upgrades the default permission scheme to contain references to roles instead of groups, only if there are no projects currently within JIRA (i.e.
UpgradeTask_Build205 This upgrade task creates the notification event for the EventType.ISSUE_COMMENT_EDITED_ID event.
UpgradeTask_Build207 This upgrade task adds new EventType.ISSUE_COMMENT_EDITED_ID event notification for all watchers, reported and assignee for all notification schemes.
UpgradeTask_Build232MailItem Mail item used for sending out e-mails about lossy cron conversions and conversion errors.
UpgradeTask_Build257 This upgrade task creates the notification event for the EventType.ISSUE_WORKLOG_UPDATED_ID and EventType.ISSUE_WORKLOG_DELETED_ID events.
UpgradeTask_Build296 Upgrade task that will populate the Permissions.SYSTEM_ADMIN permissions with those from the Permissions.ADMINISTER permissions.
UpgradeTask_Build317 If the property APKeys.JIRA_ATTACHMENT_SIZE is not set or not an Integer then set it to a default value.
UpgradeTask_Build325 This will do the following upgrade tasks - Update users "owned" portal pages to be favourites by default - Change the name of any called "dashboard" to an I18N version name - Change the system default dashboard page to have a new "System Dashboard" name
UpgradeTask_Build35 Add a default notification scheme to all projects
UpgradeTask_Build412 Adds system project avatars.
UpgradeTask_Build418 Converts legacy portlet keys (prior to JIRA 3.0) over to the new (legacy) format using plugin keys
UpgradeTask_Build438 Convert legacy portlets over to gadgets.
UpgradeTask_Build509 Upgrades link, active link and text color to new default of #3c78b5.
UpgradeTask_Build518 Do a reindex of JIRA to enable voters and watchers searching.
UpgradeTask_Build519 Reindex upgrade task for JRA-20241.
UpgradeTask_Build520 Upgrade Task to change jira.maximum.authentication.attempts.allowed to be move from blank (unlimited) to a specified value
UpgradeTask_Build551 This upgrade task adds the Labels field to the first tab of the default screen
UpgradeTask_Build552 Upgrade task to convert Label customfields to system fields.
UpgradeTask_Build553 Do a reindex of JIRA to ensure that index is up to date.
UpgradeTask_Build554 Adds user project avatars.
UpgradeTask_Build571 This upgrade task initializes field renderers to the frother-control-renderer for the system versions & components fields as well as the multi version custom field.
UpgradeTask_Build572 This upgrade task initializes link types to a set of predefined values.
UpgradeTask_Build601 Migrate the OSUser.xml configuration over to the new Crowd Embedded Directories.
UpgradeTask_Build602 This task migrates OS_users and Groups to Crowd Embedded users and Groups.
UpgradeTask_Build603 Synchronise any newly created remote directories and then do a reindex of JIRA to ensure that index is up to date for JQL.
UpgradeTask_Build604 Upgrades SearchParameter based search request XML to JQL strings.
UpgradeTask_Build604.DocumentConstantToClauseNameResolver Used to map between the strings that were stored in the old-style XML to the clause names.
UpgradeTask_Build604.NamifyingClauseVisitor Clause visitor which transforms a clause's terminal nodes into "namified" form - custom field clause names are converted to their full name where possible, and right-hand-side id values are converted to names where possible.
UpgradeTask_Build604MailItem Mail item used for sending out e-mails about partial or errored JQL conversions.
UpgradeTask_Build605 Cleans up left over configuration from JIRA issues cache
UpgradeTask_Build606 Cleans up left over application properties
UpgradeTask_Build608 Updates user avatars to the latest crowdsourced designs
UpgradeTask_Build611 Adds whitelist entries for all external gadgets.
UpgradeTask_Build633 This task migrates Custom field values for Select and MultiSelect types to store the id of the option rather than the value.
UpgradeTask_Build634 This task cleans up after the CustomFieldValue upgrade (633)
UpgradeTask_Build637 Migrates custom defaults to the database for selected ApplicationProperties that have been preemptively added to the classpath via the file in the installation directory under $APP_ROOT/WEB-INF/classes.
UpgradeTask_Build638 Generate an initial vote history on upgrade
UpgradeTask_Build640 Corrects the value of the "Membership" database sequence.
UpgradeTask_Build641 Gives View Only Workflow permission to Admin, Users and Dev on SETUP ONLY.
UpgradeTask_Build642 Turn soap on for new installations
UpgradeTask_Build643 Accumulates the "watchers" for issues.
UpgradeTask_Build644 This ended up a No-Op because its not the final final upgrade task needed for re-index
UpgradeTask_Build645 Upgrade task hackery to ensure the bundled GreenHopper is enabled if a non-bundled GreenHopper was previously enabled.
UpgradeTask_Build663 Fix any possible corruption in the jiraissue table due to , also reindexes
UpgradeTask_Build700 Reindexes JIRA due to the introduction of the SharedEntityColumn.IS_SHARED field for shared entities which we know use so administrators can search and manage all shared entities in JIRA.
UpgradeTask_Build701 Replaces all usages of OSUserGroupCondition with UserInGroupCondition.
UpgradeTask_Build704 Reindexes JIRA due to a bug in the way MultiSelectCFType fields were being indexed.
UpgradeTask_Build705 Removing old LF colors in the databse if they are no differen from the current default colours.
UpgradeTask_Build706 Adding a unique constraint to the issue_key index - unfortunately this means deleting it and then recreating it
UpgradeTask_Build707 Copying trackbacks to remote issue links
UpgradeTask_Build708 Cleans up left over configuration from JIRA issues cache.
UpgradeTask_Build83 Created by IntelliJ IDEA.

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