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Uses of AbstractReindexUpgradeTask in com.atlassian.jira.upgrade.tasks

Subclasses of AbstractReindexUpgradeTask in com.atlassian.jira.upgrade.tasks
 class UpgradeTask_Build326
 class UpgradeTask_Build518
          Do a reindex of JIRA to enable voters and watchers searching.
 class UpgradeTask_Build519
          Reindex upgrade task for JRA-20241.
 class UpgradeTask_Build553
          Do a reindex of JIRA to ensure that index is up to date.
 class UpgradeTask_Build56
 class UpgradeTask_Build603
          Synchronise any newly created remote directories and then do a reindex of JIRA to ensure that index is up to date for JQL.
 class UpgradeTask_Build646
 class UpgradeTask_Build663
          Fix any possible corruption in the jiraissue table due to , also reindexes
 class UpgradeTask_Build700
          Reindexes JIRA due to the introduction of the SharedEntityColumn.IS_SHARED field for shared entities which we know use so administrators can search and manage all shared entities in JIRA.
 class UpgradeTask_Build704
          Reindexes JIRA due to a bug in the way MultiSelectCFType fields were being indexed.

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