Package com.atlassian.jira.service

Interface Summary
InBuiltServiceTypes Represents the in-built service types that ship with JIRA.
JiraService Classes that are to be run as services within JIRA must implement this interface.
JiraServiceContainer Proxies calls to JiraService & manages delay between calls.
ServiceConfigStore A store interface for the ServiceConfigs
ServiceManager.ServiceScheduleSkipper This interface provides capability for other processes to request a service run.
ServiceTypes Represents the service class which implement the JiraService interface.

Class Summary
AbstractService A convenience class - if you extend this class, all that needs to be implemented is run()
DefaultServiceManager.ServiceScheduleSkipperImpl Implementation of ServiceScheduleSkipper that has synchronized access.
InBuiltServiceTypes.InBuiltServiceType Describes an in-built service in JIRA.
JiraServiceContainerImpl Proxies calls to JiraService and manages delay between calls.
OfBizServiceConfigStore OfBiz implementation of the ServiceConfigStore.
ServiceRunner Runs all services due for execution at the current time.
UnloadableJiraServiceContainer Used to represent a ServiceContainer that could not be properly loaded.

Exception Summary

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