Package com.atlassian.jira.plugin.viewissue

Class Summary
ActivityBlockViewIssueContextProvider Context Provider for the Activity block section on View Issue page.
AddCommentViewIssueContextProvider Context Provider for Add Comment block on View issue page.
AttachmentBlockContextProvider Provides context for the Attachments block on the View Issue page.
AttachmentSortingOptionsFactory Factory to return the options for the different sorting options
AttachmentSortingOrderOptionsFactory Factory to return the options for the different sorting order options
DateBlockContextProvider Context Provider for Date Block on View Issue page.
DateBlockField Date field holder used for rendering in Velocity templates.
DescriptionBlockContextProvider Context provider for the description block
DetailsBlockContextProvider Context provider for the details block
HasSubTaskCondition Condition to test whether an issue has subtasks
LinkBlockContextProvider Context Provider for the Link block on the view issue page.
PeopleBlockContextProvider Context Provider for the People Block pnn view issue
SubTasksContxtProvider Context Provider for the subtask section on view issue.
SubTasksProgressContextProvider Context Provider for the Sub Task Progress bar.
SubTaskViewOptionsFactory Factory to return the options for the different views for subtask list (All, Unresolved)
TimeTrackingViewIssueContextProvider Context Provider for the Time Tracking Web Panel.

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