Package com.atlassian.jira.plugin.util

Interface Summary
ModuleDescriptors.Orderings Responsible for creating Ordering instances to sort collections of module descriptors.

Class Summary
InvolvedPluginsTracker This is a glorified list of plugin keys that code can use to track what plugins are involved in its caches

On plugin events it can then ask if the event related to one of the tracked plugins

This uses a CopyOnWriteArraySet under the covers to ensure that the list is as safe as possible.

InvolvedPluginsTracker.PluginInfo A simple class that contains plugin key and pluginVersion.
ModuleDescriptorComparator Compares Module Descriptors that implement OrderableModuleDescriptor
ModuleDescriptors.EqualsBuilder Assists in implementing a consistent implementation of Object.equals(Object) methods for module descriptors based on the descriptor's complete key.
ModuleDescriptors.HashCodeBuilder Assists in implementing Object.hashCode() methods for module descriptors based on the hashCode of the descriptor's complete key.
PluginModuleTrackerFactory Creates instances of a PluginModuleTracker using the DefaultPluginModuleTracker implementation.
TabPanelUtil.PopularIssues Helper class to find all the popular issues for a given project.

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