Package com.atlassian.jira.jql.permission

Interface Summary
ClausePermissionChecker Checks to see that the provided user is able to use the clause.
ClausePermissionHandler A composite interface that deals with clause sanitisation and permission checking.
ClauseSanitiser Deals with the sanitisation of clauses based on the given user.
LiteralSanitiser Defines how to sanitise a list of query literals.

Class Summary
ClauseSanitisingVisitor A visitor for converting a clause into its sanitised form.
CustomFieldClausePermissionChecker A clause permission checker for custom fields that will check the users permission to see the field and also that the user has permission to see at least one context on the custom field.
CustomFieldClausePermissionChecker.DefaultFactory This is a factory so that we don't have a circular dependency on the Field manager.
DefaultClausePermissionHandler The default implementation of a ClausePermissionHandler.
DefaultOperandSanitisingVisitor The default strategy for sanitising an arbitrary Operand is: EmptyOperands do not need sanitising; FunctionOperands have their arguments sanitised by JqlOperandResolver; MultiValueOperands must have their children sanitised and potentially recombined into a new MultiValueOperand instance.
FieldClausePermissionChecker A clause permission checker that will check only the users permission to see the field, based on the configured field configuration schemes.
FieldClausePermissionChecker.DefaultFactory This is a factory so that we don't have a circular dependency on the Field manager.
IssueClauseValueSanitiser Sanitises clauses which have issue keys or ids as their values.
IssueLiteralSanitiser Sanitise the issue keys or ids stored in QueryLiterals.
IssueParentPermissionChecker Checks to see if subtasks are enabled or disabled to determine if the issue parent handler can be seen.
LiteralSanitiser.Result Dictates the result of sanitising a list of QueryLiterals.
NoOpClausePermissionChecker A No-Op clause permission checker that always allows you to use a clause.
NoOpClauseSanitiser A No-Op sanitiser that simply returns the input clause.
ProjectClauseValueSanitiser Sanitises clauses which have Project keys, names or ids as their values.
ProjectLiteralSanitiser Sanitise the project keys, names or ids stored in QueryLiterals.
TimeTrackingPermissionChecker Used for the time tracking fields to check if time tracking is enabled and if the TimeTracking field is visible.
VotePermissionChecker Checks if votes are enabled.
WatchPermissionChecker Checks if watching is enabled.

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