Class LocalDateQuickSearchHandler

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public abstract class LocalDateQuickSearchHandler
extends SingleWordQuickSearchHandler

A date searcher that can handle QuickSearches of the type field:<param> where param is one of:

Note that relative dates are separated by a comma, and they cannot contain any spaces. Therefore only one time slice is allowed.

Constructor Summary
protected LocalDateQuickSearchHandler(TimeZoneManager timeZoneManager)
Method Summary
protected abstract  String getPrefix()
protected abstract  String getSearchParamName()
protected  Map handleWord(String word, QuickSearchResult searchResult)
          Hanldle a single word, and return a map of parameters
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Constructor Detail


protected LocalDateQuickSearchHandler(TimeZoneManager timeZoneManager)
Method Detail


protected Map handleWord(String word,
                         QuickSearchResult searchResult)
Description copied from class: SingleWordQuickSearchHandler
Hanldle a single word, and return a map of parameters

Specified by:
handleWord in class SingleWordQuickSearchHandler
word - A single word - guaranteed to not be null
searchResult - The existing search result
A Map of parameters that can be used as a URL.


protected abstract String getPrefix()


protected abstract String getSearchParamName()

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