Package com.atlassian.jira.issue.attachment

Interface Summary
AttachmentZipKit.AttachmentZipEntry These are the data returned about entries in a zip file

Class Summary
AttachmentCreationDateComparator Attachment Comparator based on creation date in ascending order
AttachmentFileNameComparator Compares attachments based on the file's name.
AttachmentFileNameCreationDateComparator Compares attachments by file name first, and then creation date if the file names are the same.
AttachmentItem An attachment items holds an attachment and an optional thumbnail.
AttachmentItems This class represents an ordered sequence of AttachmentItem's.
AttachmentsCategoriser Helper class for handling attachments on the view issue page.
AttachmentZipFileCreator This class can create temporary zip files containing all the attachments on an issue
AttachmentZipKit This class will help when working with zip files
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TemporaryAttachment Represents a temporary attachment, that is an attachment that's been uploaded to the server but not yet attached to an issue.

Enum Summary

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