Interface TaskProgressProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
EntityCountTaskProgressProcessor, EntityTypeTaskProgressProcessor

public interface TaskProgressProcessor

An interface that allows for processing the task progress in different ways. The first time we process the import XML file, we don't know exactly how big it is. But we know how many entity types there are. So that time we use the "EntityType" processor and it just tells us the percentage completion of entity types. On the other hand, The second time we process it, and when we process the partitioned files, we can have counted the total number of entities,and use these numbers for a more accurate "percent done".

Method Summary
 void processTaskProgress(String entityTypeName, int entityTypeCount, long entityCount, long currentEntityCount)
          Update the task progress in the TaskProgressSink.

Method Detail


void processTaskProgress(String entityTypeName,
                         int entityTypeCount,
                         long entityCount,
                         long currentEntityCount)
Update the task progress in the TaskProgressSink.

entityTypeName - Name of the entity type that we are currently processing. eg "IssueType"
entityTypeCount - Count of the Entity Type that we are currently processing.
entityCount - Count of ALL the entities we have seen so far in this file.
currentEntityCount - Count of entities just within this entity type.

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