Package com.atlassian.jira.imports.project.populator

Interface Summary
BackupOverviewPopulator Used to populate the BackupOverview object.

Class Summary
CustomFieldPopulator Populates ExternalCustomField, BackupOverviewBuilderImpl.ConfigurationContext, and BackupOverviewBuilderImpl.FieldConfigSchemeIssueType objects from the custom field and custom field configuration data in a backup XML file.
IssueIdPopulator Populates the issue id's in the BackupOverview object
PluginVersionPopulator Converts PluginVersion information anc sets it on the BackupOverviewPopulator.
ProjectComponentPopulator Populates a BackupOverview with project component information.
ProjectPopulator Converts the project information and sets it into BackupOverview.
ProjectVersionPopulator Populates the BackupOverview with version information.
SystemInfoPopulator This BackupOverviewPopulator reads System Info from OSProperty values and adds it to the BackupOverviewBuilder.

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