Package com.atlassian.jira.event.issue

Interface Summary
IssueEventListener The IssueEventListener is the main Listener within JIRA.
IssueEventManager Component responsible for dispatching issue events.

Class Summary
AbstractIssueEventListener Subclasses of IssueEventListener can now override relevant functions in the interface as opposed to having to provide a dummy implementation for all methods.
DefaultIssueEventManager Default implementation of IssueEventManager.
IssueEvent Basic representation of something that happens to an Issue, such as a modification or comment.
IssueEventDispatcher Deprecated. Since v5.0 use IssueEventManager instead.
IssueEventListenerHandler Used to invoke legacy issue events within atlassian-events.
IssueSearchEvent Event that is triggered when a user searches for issues.
IssueViewEvent Event that is triggered when an issue is viewed.
MentionIssueEvent When a user mentions another user on an issue via the @username or [~username] syntax this event will be fired.

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