Package com.atlassian.jira.avatar

Interface Summary
Avatar Represents an icon for a project or some other entity in JIRA.
AvatarManager Manager interface for Avatar domain objects.
AvatarPickerHelper A helper interface for uploading and creating custom avatars The user will upload an image that is then stored in the session.
AvatarService Service for manipulating Avatar's.
AvatarStore Persistent storage mechanism for AvatarImpl.

Class Summary
AvatarImpl Immutable implementation.
AvatarManagerImpl Manager for Avatars.
AvatarServiceImpl Implementation of the AvatarService.
CachingAvatarStore A caching implementation of the AvatarStore.
ImageScaler Helper class for managing image scaling for Avatars.
OfbizAvatarStore Main Store implementation for Avatars.
Selection Represents an absolute subrectangle of an image.
TemporaryAvatar Simple immutable bean for holding uploaded but not yet scaled or cropped image files to be used as Avatars.

Enum Summary
Avatar.Size The standard sizes for avatars.
Avatar.Type An indicator of the owner type of the avatar.
AvatarManager.ImageSize Represents the different sizes of avatars that can be requested!

Exception Summary
AvatarsDisabledException This exception indicates that an operation has failed because avatars are disabled.

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