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 class AbstractEntityRelation
 class BaseFilterSubscriptionsCheck
          Base class for filter subscriptions checks.
 class EntityCheckImpl
 class FieldLayoutCheck
 class FilterSubscriptionsSavedFilterCheck
          Finds and fixes all filtersubcriptions that have no corresponding search filter.
 class FilterSubscriptionsTriggerCheck
          Checks and fixes the case where we have a FilterSubscription that has no corresponding Quartz trigger.
 class IssueLinkCheck
          Check that all Issue Links are associated with valid issues.
 class PrimaryEntityRelationCreate
 class PrimaryEntityRelationDelete
 class SchemePermissionCheck
          Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
 class SearchRequestRelationCheck
 class SimpleTriggerCheck
          Integrity checker to verify that no Quartz SimpleTriggers for subscriptions exist in the database, that are not attached to any subscriptions.
 class WorkflowCurrentStepCheck
 class WorkflowIssueStatusNull
          This check will update an issues status with the value in the workflow entry table if null.
 class WorkflowStateCheck

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