Package com.atlassian.validation

Interface Summary
Enumerator<T> Generic enumerator interface to support some form of enumerated values.
Validator Small abstraction to enable valdiation of Strings.
Validator.Result Post-validation state.

Class Summary
ApplicationPropertyEnumerator Enumerates possible values for an application property
BooleanValidator Validates boolean values.
EnumValidator Validates that a field holds one of a fixed static set of values.
Failure A Validator.Result that represents epic validation failure.
IntegerValidator Validates that a string is an integer, optionally within a specific range of values.
NonValidator Do-nothing validator for a String.
RegexValidator Validates that a given string is a valid regular expression.
SimpleDateFormatValidator Validates that the given string is a valid SimpleDateFormat pattern.
Success Basic implementation of a successful validation result that takes an instance of the value object to be returned as the valid instance.
Validated<T> Convenience composite for holding the validation results and a domain object.
ValidatorFactory Creates an instance of a Validator from a string.

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