Class NumberRangeCustomFieldInputHelper

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.issue.customfields.searchers.transformer.NumberRangeCustomFieldInputHelper

public class NumberRangeCustomFieldInputHelper
extends Object

A helper class for Number Range Custom field searcher converting between the Query and Searcher views of the clauses.

Constructor Summary
NumberRangeCustomFieldInputHelper(ClauseNames clauseNames, JqlOperandResolver jqlOperandResolver)
Method Summary
protected  SimpleNavigatorCollectorVisitor createSimpleNavigatorCollectorVisitor()
 List<TerminalClause> getValuesFromQuery(Query query)
          Returns a list of the valid for navigator TerminalClauses in the Query.
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Constructor Detail


public NumberRangeCustomFieldInputHelper(ClauseNames clauseNames,
                                         JqlOperandResolver jqlOperandResolver)
Method Detail


public List<TerminalClause> getValuesFromQuery(Query query)
Returns a list of the valid for navigator TerminalClauses in the Query. If the structure, operators or values are not valid null is returned.

query - the search query to search for valid terminal clauses
a list of valid terminal clauses. Null if the search query is not valid for the Number Range searcher


protected SimpleNavigatorCollectorVisitor createSimpleNavigatorCollectorVisitor()

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