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 String RecentlyCreatedReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String CreatedVsResolvedReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String PieReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String TimeSinceReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String AverageAgeReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String ResolutionTimeReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 void PieReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
 void AbstractChartReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
protected  void AbstractChartReport.validateDaysPrevious(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
protected  void AbstractChartReport.validateProjectOrFilterId(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)

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Methods in with parameters of type ProjectActionSupport
 String ReferenceReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 void ReferenceReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)

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 class LinkConfluencePage

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Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in
 class LinkRemoteJiraIssue
          Links an issue to an issue from a remote JIRA server.

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 class AddWebLink

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Methods in with parameters of type ProjectActionSupport
 String Report.generateReportExcel(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
          Generate the report's Excel HTML - usually from the Velocity resource named "excel".
 String Report.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
          Generate the report's HTML - usually from the Velocity resource named "html".
 void Report.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
          Validate the parameters passed to this report from the UI.

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Methods in with parameters of type ProjectActionSupport
 String TimeTrackingReport.generateReportExcel(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String AbstractReport.generateReportExcel(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
          By default, will throw an UnsuppportedOperationException as reports don't support Excel by default.
 String VersionWorkloadReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String DeveloperWorkloadReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String TimeTrackingReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map reqParams)
 String SingleLevelGroupByReport.generateReportHtml(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
 void VersionWorkloadReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
 void DeveloperWorkloadReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
 void TimeTrackingReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
 void SingleLevelGroupByReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)
 void AbstractReport.validate(ProjectActionSupport action, Map params)

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action
 class AbstractBrowser
          An abstract browser that implements a few helpful things for paging.
 class AbstractViewIssueColumns
 class IssueActionSupport

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin
 class EditApplicationProperties
 class EditAttachmentSettings
 class EditLookAndFeel
 class EditUserDefaultSettings
          Controls setting the email prefs.
 class GlobalPermissions
 class SetGlobalEmailPreference
          Updates all the users preference to the current default preference.
 class ViewApplicationProperties
 class ViewAttachmentSettings
 class ViewIssueColumns
 class ViewLookAndFeel
 class ViewUserDefaultSettings
          Configure email preferences.

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.enterprise

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.enterprise
 class ViewSearchRequestIssueColumns

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.filters

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.filters
 class AbstractAdministerFilter
          This is the base class for DeleteSharedFilter and ChangeSharedFilterOwner
 class ChangeSharedFilterOwner
          Action for changing the SharedFilter owner
 class DeleteSharedFilter
          The Delete Shared Filters action
 class ViewSharedFilters
          Responsible for displaying the shared filters administration page.

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.importer

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.importer
 class AbstractImportEntity

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.importer.issue

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.importer.issue
 class AbstractImportIssue
 class MapColumns
 class MapCustomFields
 class MapIssueTypes
 class MapPriorities
 class MapResolutions
 class MapStatuses
 class MapUsers
 class MapValidateImport
 class UploadXmlFile

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.index

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.index
 class IndexAdminImpl

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.issuetypes

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.issuetypes
 class MigrateIssueTypes

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.user

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.admin.user
 class DeleteGroup
 class DeleteUser
 class DeleteUserProperty
 class EditUser
 class EditUserGroups
 class EditUserProperties
 class EditUserProperty
 class GroupBrowser
 class GroupPickerBrowser
 class SetPassword
 class UserBrowser
 class UserPickerBrowser
 class UserProperty
          This represents a key:value pair property for a user.
 class UserRememberMeCookies
          This action shows the remember me cookies that a user has
 class ViewUser

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.browser

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.browser
 class BrowseProject
 class ConfigureReport

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.filter

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.filter
 class DeleteFilter
          Action class for managing filters.
 class EditFilter
 class FilterSubscription
          Action for CRUD of a scheduled email subscription to search filter results.
 class ManageFilters
          Action class for managing filters.
 class ManageSubscriptions
          Action class for Managaing Subscriptions.
 class SaveAsFilter
 class SaveFilter
          Action called to update a filter's search parameters and search sorts.

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.issue

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.issue
 class AbstractCommentableAssignableIssue
 class AbstractCommentableIssue
          This class should be extended by any action that modifies issues and can have an associated comment.
 class AbstractIssueLinkAction
          Base class for an issue link action.
 class AbstractIssueSelectAction
          An abstract action that should be extended by any action which wants to 'select' an issue

 class AbstractViewIssue
 class AbstractWorklogAction
 class AddComment
 class AssignIssue
 class AttachFile
          Responsible for rendering the attach file form and converting temporary attachments to real attachments linked to an issue.
 class AttachScreenshot
          Webwork action for popping up the attach screenshot applet and attaching screenshots to an issue.
 class AttachTemporaryFile
          Used by inline-file-attach.js to upload temporary attachments that can then be converted to real attachments lateron.
 class CloneIssueDetails
 class CommentAssignIssue
          This beautifully named action is in fact the Issue Transition screen.
 class CreateIssue
 class CreateIssueDetails
 class CreateSubTaskIssue
 class CreateSubTaskIssueDetails
 class CreateWorklog
          This action creates a new worklog
 class DeleteAttachment
 class DeleteComment
 class DeleteIssue
 class DeleteLink
 class DeleteRemoteIssueLink
 class DeleteWorklog
          This action deletes an existing worklog
 class EditComment
 class EditIssue
 class EditLabels
 class IssueNavigator
 class LinkExistingIssue
 class ManageAttachments
 class ManageWatchers
 class MoveIssue
 class MoveIssueConfirm
 class MoveIssueSubtasks
          Step during the move issue wizard to migrate the issue types of sub-tasks whose issue type is not valid in the destination project.
 class MoveIssueUpdateFields
 class MoveSubTask
 class MoveSubTaskChooseOperation
          This action is used to present the user with a list of allowed bulk operations on the selected issues
 class MoveSubTaskParent
 class QuickSearch
 class SearchDescriptionEnabledAction
 class UpdateIssueFields
          Deprecated. Use REST API instead. Since v5.0.
 class UpdateWorklog
          This action updates an existing worklog
 class ViewIssue
 class ViewSubtaskFragmentAction
 class ViewVoters
 class VoteOrWatchIssue
          Action to add or remove votes and watches to a particular issue.

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.issue.bulkedit

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.issue.bulkedit
 class AbstractBulkOperationAction
 class AbstractBulkOperationDetailsAction
 class BulkCancelWizard
          This action is used to present the user with a list of allowed bulk operations on the selected issues User: keithb Date: Dec 3, 2003 Time: 12:26:25 PM To change this template use Options | File Templates.
 class BulkChooseOperation
          This action is used to present the user with a list of allowed bulk operations on the selected issues User: keithb Date: Dec 3, 2003 Time: 12:26:25 PM To change this template use Options | File Templates.
 class BulkDelete
 class BulkEdit
 class BulkEdit1
 class BulkMigrate
 class BulkMove
 class BulkWorkflowTransition

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.issue.enterprise

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.issue.enterprise
 class MoveIssueUpdateWorkflow

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.project

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.project
 class AbstractProjectAction
          An abstract action useful for creating and editing projects
 class AddComponent
          Only used by Jelly
 class AddProject
 class AddVersion
 class DeleteProject
 class DeleteProjectEntity
 class EditProject
 class EditProjectLeadAndDefaultAssignee
 class ViewProject

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.project.enterprise

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.project.enterprise
 class SelectComponentAssignees

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.projectcategory

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.projectcategory
 class AddProjectCategory
 class DeleteProjectCategory
 class EditProjectCategory

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.user

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.user
 class GenericEditProfile
 class ViewProfile
 class ViewUserIssueColumns
 class ViewUserPreferences

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.util

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.util
 class XmlBackup

Uses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.workflow

Subclasses of ProjectActionSupport in com.atlassian.jira.web.action.workflow
 class SimpleWorkflowAction
 class WorkflowUIDispatcher
          A simple action to look at the incoming action + issue ID combination, and redirect to the correct web action.

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