Interface Supplier<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the type of object supplied.
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface Supplier<T>

A Supplier of objects of a single type. Semantically, this could be a Factory, Generator, Builder, Closure, Producer or something else entirely. No guarantees are implied by this interface. Implementations may return null if no objects are available, can optionally block until elements are available or throw NoSuchElementException.

Thread safety of a Supplier is not mandated by this interface, although serious care and consideration should be taken with any implementations that are not.

See Also:
for a similar interface.

Method Summary
 T get()
          Produce an object.

Method Detail


T get()
Produce an object. Retrieve an instance of the appropriate type. The returned object may or may not be a new instance, depending on the implementation.

the product, may be null if there are no objects available.
NoSuchElementException - if the supply has been exhausted.

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