Class StreamCopyingConsumer

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.util.StreamCopyingConsumer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class StreamCopyingConsumer
extends Object
implements Consumer<InputStream>

Copies an InputStream to the configured OutputStream. If there is an IOException during the copy, this will be thrown from the consume method inside a RuntimeException, but either way the

Constructor Summary
StreamCopyingConsumer(OutputStream outputStream, int bufferSize)
          Copies the consumed InputStream into the given OutputStream (without closing anything).
Method Summary
 void consume(InputStream inputStream)
          Consume the product.
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Constructor Detail


public StreamCopyingConsumer(OutputStream outputStream,
                             int bufferSize)
Copies the consumed InputStream into the given OutputStream (without closing anything). If there is a problem copying, the IOException will be thrown wrapped in a RuntimeException.

outputStream - the OutputStream to copy to.
bufferSize - the desired number of bytes in the copy buffer.
Method Detail


public void consume(@NotNull
                    InputStream inputStream)
Description copied from interface: Consumer
Consume the product.

Specified by:
consume in interface Consumer<InputStream>
inputStream - must not be null

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