Interface Summary
CurrentApplicationFactory Responsible for getting the Current Application.
CurrentApplicationStore Store for JIRA's own CurrentApplication.
SimpleTrustedApplication The basic SimpleTrustedApplication information.
TrustedApplicationManager Manager for handling TrustedApplicationInfo
TrustedApplicationService Contains methods for managing TrustedApplicationInfo objects in JIRA
TrustedApplicationStore Persistent store for TrustedApplicationData
TrustedApplicationValidator Reponsible for doing validations of SimpleTrustedApplication data.
UserNameTransformer Responsible for getting a UserResolver we can pass into the TrustedApplicationsFilter.
UserNameTransformer.ClassNameRetriever Get the name of the UserResolver

Class Summary
AuditLog A simple Name and Date pair for remembering who did something, when.
CachingTrustedApplicationManager TrustedApplicationManager that caches the info objects in memory.
CachingTrustedApplicationStore TrustedApplicationStore that caches the data objects in memory.
DefaultTrustedApplicationService The default implementation of TrustedApplicationService.
DefaultTrustedApplicationValidator Resolves the production dependencies (collates all the individual validators).
KeyFactory Utility for encoding and decoding PublicKeys.
KeyFactory.InvalidPrivateKey If there are problems creating a key, one of these will be returned instead.
KeyFactory.InvalidPublicKey If there are problems creating a key, one of these will be returned instead.
SeraphTrustedApplicationsManager Implements the TrustedApplicationsManager
TrustedApplicationBuilder Builder pattern class for constructing and transforming our various data and business objects.
TrustedApplicationDelegateValidator Combines the semantic and syntactic validators.
TrustedApplicationFilter Used to ctor inject the TrustedApplicationsManager into the filter.
TrustedApplicationSemanticValidator Business and system level validations.
TrustedApplicationSyntacticValidator Responsible for syntactic validation of the entry of Trusted Application data.
UserNameTransformer.Factory A Factory that gets the configured UserNameTransformer.
UserNameTransformer.LowerCase Default implementation, will fall-back to this.
UserNameTransformer.NoOp Implementation for use if the OSUser ProfileProvider uses mixed case as does TrustedApplication requests to JIRA.

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