Interface UserNameTransformer

All Known Implementing Classes:
UserNameTransformer.LowerCase, UserNameTransformer.NoOp

public interface UserNameTransformer

Responsible for getting a UserResolver we can pass into the TrustedApplicationsFilter. Normally configured from application properties. Implements JRA-14414

Note: implementations Must have a no-arg ctor as they are constructed reflectively.


Nested Class Summary
static class UserNameTransformer.ApplicationPropertiesClassNameRetriever
static interface UserNameTransformer.ClassNameRetriever
          Get the name of the UserResolver
static class UserNameTransformer.Factory
          A Factory that gets the configured UserNameTransformer.
static class UserNameTransformer.LowerCase
          Default implementation, will fall-back to this.
static class UserNameTransformer.NoOp
          Implementation for use if the OSUser ProfileProvider uses mixed case as does TrustedApplication requests to JIRA.
Method Summary
 String transform(String userName)
          Transform a user name

Method Detail


String transform(String userName)
Transform a user name

userName - to transform into a canonical version for the user name store
the transformed userName

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