Package com.atlassian.jira

Interface Summary
ComponentManager.State The state of the ComponentManager.
JiraApplicationContext High level component that represents the single instance of JIRA.
JiraDataType Defines a domain specific data type.

Class Summary
AbstractSimpleI18NBean A simple java bean that returns i18n name and description values.
ComponentManager This component manager uses PicoContainer to resolve all the dependencies between components.
DateTimeFormatterComponentAdapter A component adapter that creates DateTimeFormatter proxies.
DefaultHostContextAccessor This is necessary to provide a generic way for SAL to access a component that may not have been published the plugins 2.0 way.
DefaultJiraApplicationContext Default singleton production implementation.
JiraDataTypeImpl Each data type can specify a collection of actual java types, represented via their Class, that this type is.
JiraDataTypes Defines the known data types.
ManagerFactory Deprecated. Use ComponentAccessor instead.
MockComponentManager Probably the fastest component manager in the world.

Exception Summary

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