Package com.atlassian.jira.issue.label

Interface Summary
AlphabeticalLabelRenderer Responsible for rendering an alphabetically grouped list of labels
LabelManager Manager responsible for adding/removing and getting labels for a particular issue and custom field combination.
LabelStore Store
LabelUtil Utility to generate Label JQL strings.

Class Summary
AlphabeticalLabelGroupingSupport Helper to group labels into buckets for displaying them in alphabetical blocks.
CachingLabelStore Caching implementation of the Label store, that caches labels in a weakhashmap based on the issue/field combination.
DefaultLabelManager Manager responsible for label operations.
Label Represents a Label for an issue
LabelComparator Comparator that compares labels by label string
LabelParser This class provides a number of static utility methods for validating labels.
OfBizLabelStore OfBiz implementation of the LabelStore

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