Package com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.layout.field

Interface Summary
EditableDefaultFieldLayout A marker interface to describe the default editable field layout.
EditableFieldLayout Used to describe an EditableFieldLayout.
FieldConfigurationScheme A Field Configuration Scheme maps each Issue Type to a "Field Configuration" (FieldLayoutSchemeEntity).
FieldLayout NOTE: This is referred to as Field Configuration in the UI.
FieldLayoutItem Holds hidden and required attributes and renderer type of a specific OrderableField, corresponds to a single entry of a the Field Configuration in the user interface.
FieldLayoutManager The FieldLayoutManager is responsible for managing field configurations and field configuration schemes.
FieldLayoutScheme FieldLayoutScheme is the Java Data Object representing what is called a "Field Configuration Scheme" in the UI.
FieldLayoutSchemeEntity Responsible for storing the mapping from an IssueType -> FieldLayout for a particular FieldLayoutScheme.

Class Summary
FieldLayoutItemImpl.Builder Useful for instantiating FieldLayoutItemImpl objects from scratch or copying them.
FieldLayoutSchemeEntityImpl Copyright (c) 2002-2004 All rights reserved.
FieldLayoutSchemeImpl Thread safety is mostly achieved (there are still some issues with the AbstractGVBean.setGenericValue(GenericValue) method) by two mechanisms.
MockFieldLayout Simple mock implementation of FieldLayout.
MockFieldLayoutItem Simple implementation of FieldLayoutItem.
MockFieldLayoutManager Simple implementation of MockFieldLayoutManager.

Exception Summary
FieldLayoutStorageException Deprecated. Not used any more.

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