Interface IssuePickerSearchService

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public interface IssuePickerSearchService

Service that is used to get a list of Issue for the Issue Picker. This uses IssuePickerSearchProviders to get Issues.

Nested Class Summary
static class IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters
          Class for passing around IssuePicker parameters.
Method Summary
 Collection<IssuePickerResults> getResults(JiraServiceContext context, IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters issuePickerParams)
          Gets a list of Issue based on query string.

Method Detail


Collection<IssuePickerResults> getResults(JiraServiceContext context,
                                          IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters issuePickerParams)
Gets a list of Issue based on query string. Limited by maxIssueCount.

context - Jira Service Context
issuePickerParams - params for picking issues
Collection of Issue matching search criteria. These can be any type of issues. This collection is never nulll.

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