Class ViewProjectAvatarServlet

  extended by javax.servlet.GenericServlet
      extended by javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet
          extended by com.atlassian.jira.web.servlet.AbstractAvatarServlet
              extended by com.atlassian.jira.web.servlet.ViewProjectAvatarServlet
All Implemented Interfaces:, javax.servlet.Servlet, javax.servlet.ServletConfig
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public class ViewProjectAvatarServlet
extends AbstractAvatarServlet

Serves avatar images for projects.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.String getOwnerIdParamName()
          Slight hack to stay backwards compatible for project avatars via the 'pid' param.
protected  java.lang.Long validateInput(java.lang.String ownerId, java.lang.Long avatarId, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse response)
          Ensures the input is valid and if validation passes returns a valid avatarId to serve.
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Constructor Detail


public ViewProjectAvatarServlet()
Method Detail


protected java.lang.Long validateInput(java.lang.String ownerId,
                                       java.lang.Long avatarId,
                                       javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse response)
Description copied from class: AbstractAvatarServlet
Ensures the input is valid and if validation passes returns a valid avatarId to serve. If validation fails, this method should send errors on the response and return a null avatar id.

Specified by:
validateInput in class AbstractAvatarServlet
ownerId - The owner of the avatar
avatarId - The avatarId requested
response - The response to send
The avatarId to serve to the user or null if validation fails
Throws: - If there's an error updating the response object


protected java.lang.String getOwnerIdParamName()
Description copied from class: AbstractAvatarServlet
Slight hack to stay backwards compatible for project avatars via the 'pid' param. The project avatar servlet implementation can return pid here instead of ownerId.

Specified by:
getOwnerIdParamName in class AbstractAvatarServlet
The parameter used to identify the owner in the request.

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