Package com.atlassian.jira.web.filters

Class Summary
ActionCleanupDelayFilter This filter is run to clean up the Webwork GenericDispatcher from the request if present
CurlyQuotesFilter Applies the WordCurlyQuotesRequestWrapper to the request, in order to escape high-bit punctuation characters with ASCII equivalents in request parameter values.
FixedEncodingFilter This filter sets fixed request and response encoding, supplied either as constructor parameter (for programatic usage), or as an init parameter.
JiraCachingFilter Applies no-cache headers in JIRA.
JiraEncodingFilter This filter sets the request and response encoding.
JiraFirstFilter This is the first filter that is run during a web request to JIRA.
JiraLastFilter This is the last filter that is run during a web request to JIRA.
JiraLoginFilter This Filter implementation is a composite of the Seraph provided LoginFilter and HttpAuthFilter, which will allow HTTP basic Auth and os_username based login.
PathExclusionFilter A decorating filter that is configured with a set of excluded servlet paths, basing upon which it decides to run the decorated filter over a particular request.
PathMatchingEncodingFilter Filter that applies appropriate encoding to request/response depending on the servlet path.

Enum Summary

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