Package com.atlassian.jira.upgrade.tasks

Class Summary
AbstractFieldScreenUpgradeTask Copyright (c) 2002-2004 All rights reserved.
AbstractNotificationSchemeUpgradeTask This upgrade task adds new scheme entities to the eventIdDestination of all notification schemes in JIRA.
UpgradeTask_Build104 Forces any resolution fieldLayoutItems that have required set to true to be false instead.
UpgradeTask_Build106 Fix for JRA-7996, clean out references to default resolutions that no longer exist in the system.
UpgradeTask_Build151 Adds "common.forms.create" meta attribute to initial action of workflows, so that we can rely on its presence in CreateIssue.getSubmitButtonName() .
UpgradeTask_Build155 Normally, each condition gets passed parameters.
UpgradeTask_Build157 This upgrade task will fix issues relating to JRA-10518 which is that the sequence number of a field screen tab could be wrong due to an error in the tab delete.
UpgradeTask_Build175 This will create default role data for JIRA.
UpgradeTask_Build176 Upgrades the default permission scheme to contain references to roles instead of groups, only if there are no projects currently within JIRA (i.e.
UpgradeTask_Build178 Makes sure that the comment index has the comment created date field indexed so it can be used for comment ordering and RSS feeds.
UpgradeTask_Build180 Sets the comment visibility restriction to Both Role and Group restriction.
UpgradeTask_Build183 This upgrade task is obsolete and replaced by UpgradeTask_Build187.
UpgradeTask_Build186 This task performs a reindexAll.
UpgradeTask_Build187 Checks and removes the jira.trackback.exclude.pattern if its NULL/empty string.
UpgradeTask_Build190 This upgrade task checks to see if an export service exists without a backup path set.
UpgradeTask_Build205 This upgrade task creates the notification event for the EventType.ISSUE_COMMENT_EDITED_ID event.
UpgradeTask_Build206 Upgrade task to copy all the comments create date to updated date and authors to udpateAuthors.
UpgradeTask_Build207 This upgrade task adds new EventType.ISSUE_COMMENT_EDITED_ID event notification for all watchers, reported and assignee for all notification schemes.
UpgradeTask_Build231 This upgrade task adds new scheme entities to all permission schemes such that the scheme will have delete all attachement and delete all comment permissions that match what exists for the delete issues permission.
UpgradeTask_Build232 Upgrade task that converts all the old SimpleTriggers to CronTriggers for filter subscriptions.
UpgradeTask_Build232MailItem Mail item used for sending out e-mails about lossy cron conversions and conversion errors.
UpgradeTask_Build251 This upgrade task will case a re-index, which allows for the new IssueKeyIndexer to index issue key and issue key number part.
UpgradeTask_Build255 Upgrade task that copies old worklog data from the jiraaction table to the new worklog table
UpgradeTask_Build257 This upgrade task creates the notification event for the EventType.ISSUE_WORKLOG_UPDATED_ID and EventType.ISSUE_WORKLOG_DELETED_ID events.
UpgradeTask_Build296 Upgrade task that will populate the Permissions.SYSTEM_ADMIN permissions with those from the Permissions.ADMINISTER permissions.
UpgradeTask_Build317 If the property APKeys.JIRA_ATTACHMENT_SIZE is not set or not an Integer then set it to a default value.
UpgradeTask_Build319 Make all filters favourites of the owner
UpgradeTask_Build321 Make all filters favourites of the owner
UpgradeTask_Build322 This upgrade task will migrate instances to the new JRA-14349 color scheme.
UpgradeTask_Build325 This will do the following upgrade tasks - Update users "owned" portal pages to be favourites by default - Change the name of any called "dashboard" to an I18N version name - Change the system default dashboard page to have a new "System Dashboard" name
UpgradeTask_Build35 Add a default notification scheme to all projects
UpgradeTask_Build401 This upgrade task is needed to convert existing data to the new resolution date system field from the charting custom field.
UpgradeTask_Build403 Upgrade task to ensure that all colors specified for the priorities are valid.
UpgradeTask_Build412 Adds system project avatars.
UpgradeTask_Build418 Converts legacy portlet keys (prior to JIRA 3.0) over to the new (legacy) format using plugin keys
UpgradeTask_Build428 Upgrades SearchParameter based search request XML to JQL strings.
UpgradeTask_Build428.DocumentConstantToClauseNameResolver Used to map between the strings that were stored in the old-style XML to the clause names.
UpgradeTask_Build428.NamifyingClauseVisitor Clause visitor which transforms a clause's terminal nodes into "namified" form - custom field clause names are converted to their full name where possible, and right-hand-side id values are converted to names where possible.
UpgradeTask_Build428MailItem Mail item used for sending out e-mails about partial or errored JQL conversions.
UpgradeTask_Build438 Convert legacy portlets over to gadgets.
UpgradeTask_Build440 Do a reindex of JIRA to ensure that index is up to date for JQL.
UpgradeTask_Build446 Removes property sets for bamboo portlets.
UpgradeTask_Build509 Upgrades link, active link and text color to new default of #3c78b5.
UpgradeTask_Build518 Do a reindex of JIRA to enable voters and watchers searching.
UpgradeTask_Build519 Reindex upgrade task for JRA-20241.
UpgradeTask_Build520 Upgrade Task to change jira.maximum.authentication.attempts.allowed to be move from blank (unlimited) to a specified value
UpgradeTask_Build551 This upgrade task adds the Labels field to the first tab of the default screen
UpgradeTask_Build552 Upgrade task to convert Label customfields to system fields.
UpgradeTask_Build553 Do a reindex of JIRA to ensure that index is up to date.
UpgradeTask_Build554 Adds user project avatars.
UpgradeTask_Build571 This upgrade task initializes field renderers to the frother-control-renderer for the system versions & components fields as well as the multi version custom field.
UpgradeTask_Build572 This upgrade task initializes link types to a set of predefined values.
UpgradeTask_Build82 Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
UpgradeTask_Build83 Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
UpgradeTask_Build93 Upgrade task to set the use issue cache property to be false.
UpgradeTask_Build98 Upgrade task to set the use issue cache property to be false.

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