Package com.atlassian.jira.plugin.profile

Interface Summary
OptionalUserProfilePanel An optional interface for ViewProfilePanel modules that allows the panel to only be show when a criteria is met.
UserFormat Provides a format to display a user on screen.
UserFormatManager Manages the UserFormat to type mapping.
UserFormatMapper Allows modifying the user format type mapping, and provides methods for querying all available types, and module descriptors.
ViewProfilePanel Defines a "panel" of content that will be displayed on the view profile page, in the center.

Class Summary
DefaultProfilePanel Renders html for a view profile panel.
DefaultUserFormatManager Default implementation: Stores the default user format module descriptor plugin module in an application property.
FullNameUserFormat Very simple implementation that only renders the users full name.
FullProfileUserFormat Provides the full user's profile that is used to display the column on the left in the View Profile page.
ProfileLinkUserFormat Very simple implementation that only renders the users full name with a link to the user's profile page.
RoadmapUserProfilePanel A user profile panel that displays the users personal roadmap
UserFormatModuleDescriptor A module Descriptor that produces a UserFormat that can be used to format a user for display.
ViewProfilePanelModuleDescriptor Defines a plugin point for rendering content on the JIRA view profile page.

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