Package com.atlassian.jira.ofbiz

Interface Summary
OfBizDelegator A wrapper around DelegatorInterface that does not throw GenericEntityException.
OfBizEntityCreator Deprecated. Use OfBizDelegator instead
OfBizListIterator A wrapper around EntityListIterator that does not throw GenericEntityException.

Class Summary
AbstractOfBizValueWrapper The methods in these class should not be used.
ChainedSQLInterceptor A SQLInterceptor that can chain together multiple SQLInterceptors.
CountedCondition This class is used to track how many clauses are in an EntityCondition.
DatabaseIterable<E> A abstract implementation of EnclosedIterable that defers to an OfBizListIterator.
FieldMap Convenience class to use for field maps in OfBizDelegator
JiraSQLInterceptorFactory An SQLInterceptorFactory that will chained together one or more SQLInterceptors
PagedDatabaseIterable<E,K> A abstract implementation of EnclosedIterable that takes a list of ids and then pages them by opening an OfBizListIterator for each page.
PrimitiveMap A Map wrapper that contains only Objects of types that Ofbiz supports (basically primitive wrapper objects)

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