Package com.atlassian.jira.jql.resolver

Interface Summary
IndexInfoResolver<T> Turns a searchable value (operand) (such as what may be typed into the right side of a clause) into an indexed value.
NameResolver<T> Looks up domain objects from the database.
ResolverManager Link Fields to their (JQL) NameResolver
UserResolver We need a non-generified interface here to make this work with PICO+OSGi in plugins2

Class Summary
ComponentIndexInfoResolver Index resolver that can find the index values for components.
ComponentResolver Resolves Component objects and ids from their names.
IdentityIndexInfoResolver A do-nothing IndexInfoResolver useful for numeric values that should not be even so much as padded to match index values.
IssueConstantInfoResolver<T extends IssueConstant> Resolves index info with a lucene field using the id of the domain object T to get the indexed values from a NameResolver<T> .
IssueSecurityLevelResolver Resolves Issue Security Levels for the specified user.
IssueTypeResolver Resolves IssueType objects.
LabelIndexInfoResolver An index resolver for the Labels system field.
PriorityResolver Resolves Priority objects.
ProjectCategoryResolver A class for resolving QueryLiterals into project categories and projects.
ProjectIndexInfoResolver Index resolver that can find the index values for projects.
ProjectResolver Resolves Project objects and ids from their names.
ResolutionIndexInfoResolver Customisation of the IssueConstantInfoResolver to allow handling of the "unresolved" operand in a special case.
ResolutionResolver Resolves Resolution objects.
SavedFilterResolver Looks up a saved filter via either id or name taking into account the user who is looking up the filter.
StatusResolver Resolves Status objects.
UserIndexInfoResolver Index resolver that can find the index values for users.
UserResolverImpl Resolves User objects and their names.
VersionIndexInfoResolver Index resolver that can find the index values for versions.
VersionResolver Resolves Version objects and ids from their names.
WorkRatioIndexInfoResolver Work Ratios are stored as integers, but are padded in a specific way

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