Package com.atlassian.jira.startup

Interface Summary
JiraHomePathLocator Implementations of this interface will be able to find a configured jira.home directory in one particular way.
StartupCheck Represents an individual check to be done on startup.

Class Summary
FormattedLogMsg This class will allow a series of messages to be formated/indented into the one log4j ouput.
JiraHomeStartupCheck This StartupCheck will check that there is a valid jira.home configured that we can get an exclusive lock on.
JiraStartupChecklist This class asserts that JIRA can start normally.
JiraStartupChecklistContextListener Listens to Web application startup and shutdown events to check that JIRA is valid to startup, and do whatever clean up may be required on shutdown.
JiraStartupChecklistFilter This filter is used to ensure that JIRA has started up correctly.
JiraStartupLogger This class prints information to the log when JIRA is "about to start" and when it "has started"

This is really here for JIRA admins and support staff to know when JIRA is starting and hence if anything goes wrong during the boot they can tell.

JiraSystemInfo This will obtain JIRA system information and place it in the specified FormattedLogMsg

This is used at JIRA startup time and is VERY aware of when certain methods can be called and when they cant.

StartupCheckImpl Represents a generic failed StartupCheck.
WebContextJiraHomePathLocator Attempts to find a jira-home configured within our web context.

Exception Summary
JiraHomeException Thrown when errors occur trying to validate the jira.home.

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