Package com.atlassian.jira.service

Interface Summary
JiraService Classes that are to be run as services within JIRA must implement this interface.
JiraServiceContainer Proxies calls to JiraService & manages delay between calls.
ServiceConfigStore A store interface for the ServiceConfigs
ServiceManager.ServiceScheduleSkipper This interface provides capability for other processes to request a service run.

Class Summary
AbstractService A convenience class - if you extend this class, all that needs to be implemented is run()
DefaultServiceManager.ServiceScheduleSkipperImpl Implementation of ServiceScheduleSkipper that has synchronized access.
JiraServiceContainerImpl Proxies calls to JiraService & manages delay between calls.
OfBizServiceConfigStore OfBiz implmentation of the ServiceConfigStore.
ServiceRunner Runs all services due for execution at the current time.
UnloadableJiraServiceContainer Used to represent a ServiceContainer that could not be properly loaded.

Exception Summary

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