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 class AbstractHasVersionsCondition
 class AbstractJiraLicenseCondition
          Convenient abstraction to initialise conditions that checks if the jira license is of a specific level
 class AbstractJiraPermissionCondition
          Convenient abstraction to initialise conditions that require the PermissionManager and accept "permission" param.
 class CanCreateSharedObjectsCondition
          Checks if the logged in user has the rights to create shared objects.
 class EnterpriseJiraLicenseCondition
          Checks if the jira license is an enterprise edition
 class ExternalPasswordManagementDisabledCondition
          Condition returns true if APKeys.JIRA_OPTION_USER_PASSWORD_EXTERNALMGT is disabled.
 class ExternalUserManagementDisabledCondition
          Condition returns true if APKeys.JIRA_OPTION_USER_EXTERNALMGT is disabled.
 class HasLastSearchRequestCondition
          Condition that checks if a user has a current search.
 class HasProjectPermissionCondition
          Checks if a project is selected (in JiraHelper) and if the user has the AbstractJiraPermissionCondition.permission for that project
 class HasSelectedProjectCondition
          Checks if a project is selected
 class HasVersionsReleasedCondition
          Checks if there are any released versions for the selected project.
 class HasVersionsUnreleasedCondition
          Checks if there are any unreleased versions for the selected project.
 class IsFieldHiddenCondition
          Checks if the specified IsFieldHiddenCondition.field is hidden in at least one scheme associated with the selected project and IsFieldHiddenCondition.issuetype
 class JiraGlobalPermissionCondition
          Checks if the user has the global permission: AbstractJiraPermissionCondition.permission
 class NotVersionContextCondition
          This condition specifies that the item should only be displayed if the supplied JiraHelper is not of type VersionHelper i.e.
 class ProfessionalOrEnterpriseJiraLicenseCondition
          Checks if the jira license is either professional or enterprise edition
 class UserHasIssueHistoryCondition
          Checks if there are any history issue's
 class UserHasVisibleProjectsCondition
          Checks if the user can see atleast one project with this AbstractJiraPermissionCondition.permission
 class UserIsAdminCondition
          Checks if this user has the global admin permission
 class UserIsProjectAdminCondition
          Checks that the current user is a project admin for atleast one project
 class UserIsSysAdminCondition
          Will return shouldDisplay of true if the user has the Permissions.SYSTEM_ADMIN global permission.
 class UserIsTheLoggedInUserCondition
          Used to determine if the logged in user is the same as the profile user in the jira helper.
 class UserLoggedInCondition
          Checks if this user is logged in
 class VotingEnabledCondition
          Returns true if voting is enabled.
 class WatchingEnabledCondition
          Returns true if watching is enabled.

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