Package com.atlassian.jira.jql.validator

Interface Summary
ClauseValidator Validates a clause and adds human readable i18n'ed messages if there is a problem.
OperatorUsageValidator Performs global validation about where it is appropriate to use an Operator.
OrderByValidator Responsible for validating the StatisticAccessorBean.OrderBy portion of a Query.
ValidatorRegistry Resolves the validators for a provided TerminalClause.

Class Summary
AbstractUserValidator An abstract Validator for the User field clauses
AffectedVersionValidator The Affected Version clause validator.
AllTextValidator Validation for the "all text fields" clause.
AssigneeValidator A Validator for the Assignee field clauses
CascadingSelectCustomFieldValidator A validator for cascading select custom fields.
CommentValidator A clause validator for the comment system field.
ComponentValidator An Validator for the component field clauses
CreatedDateValidator Clause validator for the Created Date system field.
CurrentEstimateValidator Current Estimate validator
DateValidator All the date validators essentially do the same thing - validate against operators and then against the date values.
DescriptionValidator A clause validator for the description system field.
DueDateValidator Clause validator for the Due Date system field.
EnvironmentValidator A clause validator for environment system field.
ExactTextCustomFieldValidator A validator for exact text custom fields.
FixForVersionValidator The Fix Version clause validator.
FreeTextFieldValidator A generic validator for text fields
GroupCustomFieldValidator Group custom field clause validator
IssueIdValidator Clause validator for the "IssueKey" clause.
IssueParentValidator Clause validator for the "Issue Parent" clause.
IssueSecurityLevelClauseValidator A validator that checks to see if an issue security level exists and is visible to the user creating the search.
IssueTypeValidator A Validator for the Issue Types field clauses
NumberCustomFieldValidator A validator for number custom fields.
NumberOfArgumentsValidator Simple Function Operand Validator that validates the number of arguments in the FunctionOperand.
OriginalEstimateValidator Original Estimate validator
PriorityValidator A simple wrapper on the ConstantsClauseValidator.
ProjectCategoryValidator A validator that checks to see if a project category exists.
ProjectValidator Validates input for project system fields.
ReporterValidator A Validator for the Reporter field clauses
ResolutionDateValidator Clause validator for the Resolution Date system field.
ResolutionValidator A simple wrapper around ConstantsClauseValidator.
SavedFilterClauseValidator A validator that checks to see if a saved filter exists and is visible to the user creating the search.
SavedFilterCycleDetector Runs through a saved filter to determine if there is any self-reference anywhere in the nested filter.
SelectCustomFieldValidator A validator for select custom fields.
StatusValidator A simple wrapper on the ConstantsClauseValidator.
SummaryValidator A validator for the summary field that is a simple wrapper around the text field validator.
TimeSpentValidator Time Spent validator
UpdatedDateValidator Clause validator for the Updated Date system field.
UserCustomFieldValidator The Affected Version clause validator.
ValidatorVisitor Used to perform validation over a Query.
VersionCustomFieldValidator The Affected Version clause validator.
VotesValidator Votes clause validator
WorkRatioValidator Validates Work Ratio clauses -- these can only take integers

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