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 class AbstractDateSearcher
          A simple class that most date searchers will be able to extends to implement searching.
 class AffectedVersionsSearcher
          A searcher for the affected version field.
 class AssigneeSearcher
 class ComponentsSearcher
          A searcher for the component system field.
 class CreatedDateSearcher
 class DueDateSearcher
 class FixForVersionsSearcher
          A searcher for the fix for version system field.
 class IssueTypeSearcher
          Searcher for the Issue Type system field.
 class PrioritySearcher
 class ProjectSearcher
          Searcher for the project system field.
 class QuerySearcher
 class ReporterSearcher
 class ResolutionDateSearcher
 class ResolutionSearcher
 class StatusSearcher
 class UpdatedDateSearcher
 class WorkRatioSearcher

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