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 class ComponentQuickSearchHandler
          Quick search handler for components.
 class CreatedQuickSearchHandler
 class DateQuickSearchHandler
          A date searcher that can handle QuickSearches of the type field:<param> where param is one of: today yesterday tomorrow Relative date.
 class DueDateQuickSearchHandler
 class FixForQuickSearchHandler
 class IssueTypeQuickSearchHandler
 class MyIssuesQuickSearchHandler
 class OverdueQuickSearchHandler
 class PrefixedSingleWordQuickSearchHandler
          Convenient class for all quick search handlers that handle single words with a prefix.
 class PriorityQuickSearchHandler
 class ProjectQuickSearchHandler
 class RaisedInVersionQuickSearchHandler
 class ResolutionQuickSearchHandler
 class SingleWordQuickSearchHandler
 class StatusQuickSearchHandler
 class UpdatedQuickSearchHandler
 class VersionQuickSearchHandler
          Note that this handler needs to run after the Project Handler has run.

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