Package com.atlassian.jira.issue.customfields

Interface Summary
CustomFieldSearcher The custom field searcher interface defines an IssueSearcher that's usable by CustomField objects.
CustomFieldType This interface represents a particular type of CustomField.
CustomFieldValueProvider Provides access to custom field values for the purpose of rendering with custom field searchers.
GroupSelectorField A marker interface that can be implemented by a custom field type.
RequiresProjectSelectedMarker Date: 6/09/2004 Time: 18:22:00
SortableCustomField<T> Allow a custom field to be natively sortable in the Issue Navigator.
SortableCustomFieldSearcher A custom field searcher will implement this interface if the custom field can be sorted.

Class Summary
DefaultCustomFieldValueProvider Default implementation of the CustomFieldValueProvider
MultiSelectCustomFieldValueProvider Implementation of the CustomFieldValueProvider for the MultiSelectSearcher
NumberRangeCustomFieldValueProvider An implementation of the CustomFieldValueProvider for retreiving number range values.
OperationContextImpl Copyright (c) 2002-2004 All rights reserved.
ProjectCustomFieldValueProvider An implementation of the CustomFieldValueProvider for retreiving the project value.
SingleValueCustomFieldValueProvider An implementation of the CustomFieldValueProvider for retreiving single values.

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