Interface Summary
IssuePickerSearchProvider Interface used by DefaultIssuePickerSearchService to retreive issue matches.
IssuePickerSearchService Service that is used to get a list of Issue for the Issue Picker.
QueryCache The quert cache is a request level cache that stores the result of expensive query operations.
SearchService Provides functionality (search, query string generation, parsing, validation, context generation, etc...) related to searching in JIRA.

Class Summary
AbstractIssuePickerSearchProvider Abstract convienience class with common methods for IssuePickerSearchProviers
DefaultIssuePickerSearchService Currently uses HistoryIssuePickerSearchProvider and LuceneCurrentSearchIssuePickerSearchProvider to return issues.
DefaultSearchService The default implementation of the SearchService.
HistoryIssuePickerSearchProvider Implemenation of IssuePickerSearchProvider that searches the user history in the session.
IssuePickerResults Simple Bean for returning back the results of an Issue Picker provider
IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters Class for passing around IssuePicker parameters.
LuceneCurrentSearchIssuePickerSearchProvider This search provider uses the current JIRA search plus it uses Lucene query objects to wild card on issue key and summary.
QueryCacheImpl The default implementation for the QueryCache The cache is stored in a common request cache, so caches are shared amongst instances.
QueryContextConverter A utlility class for converting a QueryContext into a SearchContext.

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