Interface IssuePickerSearchProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractIssuePickerSearchProvider, HistoryIssuePickerSearchProvider, LuceneCurrentSearchIssuePickerSearchProvider

public interface IssuePickerSearchProvider

Interface used by DefaultIssuePickerSearchService to retreive issue matches.

Method Summary
 IssuePickerResults getResults(JiraServiceContext context, IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters issuePickerParams, int issueRemaining)
          Returns a list of issues matching the query string

Method Detail


IssuePickerResults getResults(JiraServiceContext context,
                              IssuePickerSearchService.IssuePickerParameters issuePickerParams,
                              int issueRemaining)
Returns a list of issues matching the query string

context - service context
issuePickerParams - params for issue picker
issueRemaining - Number of issues still needed.
list of issues that match query (implementation specific) which is never null.

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