Class UpgradeTask_Build10

  extended bycom.atlassian.jira.upgrade.AbstractUpgradeTask
      extended bycom.atlassian.jira.upgrade.tasks.UpgradeTask_Build10
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class UpgradeTask_Build10
extends AbstractUpgradeTask

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void doUpgrade()
          This is mainly just to test the new upgrade system based on build numbers.
 String getBuildNumber()
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Constructor Detail


public UpgradeTask_Build10()
Method Detail


public String getBuildNumber()
Specified by:
getBuildNumber in interface UpgradeTask
Specified by:
getBuildNumber in class AbstractUpgradeTask


public void doUpgrade()
This is mainly just to test the new upgrade system based on build numbers. It will turn issue caching on, and issue linking off (both would be off by default).

Specified by:
doUpgrade in interface UpgradeTask
Specified by:
doUpgrade in class AbstractUpgradeTask

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