Package com.atlassian.jira.web.component

Interface Summary
DashboardPageConfigUrlFactory Responsible for creating URLs for editing the state and dashboard page location of portlets.
DashboardPageConfigUrlFactory.PortletConfigurationAdaptor Abstraction for describing the aspects of the PortletConfiguration object graph that we depend on without depending on all the mechanical details like ObjectConfiguration and PropertySet.
IssuePager This class is used in conjunction with issuetable.vm, and IssueTableLayoutBean and IssueTableWebComponent to display a table of issues.
IssueTableWriter A callback to allow the IssueTableWebComponent to write an issue.

Class Summary
AbstractWebComponent The superclass of all web components, which has some simple helper methods.
DashboardPageConfigUrlFactoryImpl Main implementation of DashboardPageConfigUrlFactory which links portlet configuration to the original dashboard and dashboard config actions.
DashboardPageWebComponent A web component that renders single dashboard pages.
DashboardPageWebComponent.Configuration Represents the configuration options available when using the DashboardPageWebComponent.
IssueTableLayoutBean This bean is used to control the display properties of the IssueTable, and works with IssueTableWebComponent and issuetable.vm to achieve this.
IssueTableWebComponent This class displays a table of issues, and works together with issuetable.vm.
SimpleColumnLayoutItem This column layout is used to be able to create columns that are just producing HTML.
TableLayoutFactory A class for creating IssueTableLayoutBean objects.
WebComponentUtils This class contains a collection of utility methods used by web components

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