Package com.atlassian.jira.web.action.filter

Interface Summary
FilterLinkRenderer Creates a URL given a filter.
FilterSearchForm Represents the form state for a filter search including the multiple tabs, known as filter views.

Class Summary
FavouriteFilters Action implementation for the Favourite Filters popup.
FilterPickerPopup Action implementation for the Filter Picker popup.
FilterSubscription Action for CRUD of a scheduled email subscription to search filter results.
FilterViewHelper A class to help with implementing searching of Filters.
FilterViewTabs Class that represents "tabs" displayed when looking through filters.
FilterViewTabs.Tab Class that represents a tab on a filter view.
ManageFilters Action class for managing filters.
ManageSubscriptions Action class for Managaing Subscriptions.
SaveFilter Action called to update a filter's search parameters and search sorts.

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