Package com.atlassian.jira.util.concurrent

Interface Summary
ConcurrentOperationMap This will allow you to submit an operation, encapsulated by a Callable, and keyed by an Object , such that the result of the Callable will be available to any concurrent callers with the same Object key.

Class Summary
BoundedExecutor BoundedExecutor is an Executor wrapper that bounds the number of runnables allowed on the Executor queue.
SafeReadWriteLock A wrapper class for ReentrantReadWriteLock that throws an IllegalMonitorStateException if a thread that holds the read lock tries to promote it to a write lock.
ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference Thread-safe lock-less (see note) reference that is not constructed until required.

Exception Summary
ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference.InitializationException If the factory ThreadsafeLazyLoadedReference.create() method threw an exception, this wraps it.

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